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European Language Data Space

ELRC Conferences 2015-2022

The ELRC Conferences were annual events that delved into the intricacies of language-centric Artificial Intelligence, primarily within the European context. Over the years, the Conferences emphasised the importance of independent research ‘made in Europe’ in the field of language technologies. This focus was driven by the goal of ensuring the European Union’s independence from non-EU players, which is crucial not just for the region’s industrial autonomy but also for the privacy of its citizens.

Each Conference put forth a unique theme, while also showcasing the latest European solutions and initiatives pertaining to language models, multimodal language data and other pertinent topics like automated translation platforms and other language-centric tools. For instance, the 6th ELRC Conference, held in 2022, highlighted developments in large language models, low-resource Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and the upcoming European Language Data Space as part of the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL). Apart from offering insights into technological advancements, the Conference also addressed pressing societal issues, as seen in the discussions on ‘Crisis response without borders’ and strategies for combatting disinformation through language technologies.

The ELRC Conferences not only served as platforms for knowledge sharing and updates, but also called for collaborative efforts in envisioning and shaping Europe’s multilingual future.

Insights and testimonials from the 4th ELRC Conference in Helsinki, November 2019.
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31 March 2022 Virtual

6th ELRC Conference report

Agenda and presentations


10 March 2021 Virtual 5th ELRC Conference report Agenda and presentations


26-27 November 2019 Helsinki, Finland 4th ELRC Conference Agenda and presentations


7-8 November 2017 Brussels, Belgium 3rd ELRC Conference report Agenda and presentations


26 October 2016 Brussels, Belgium 2nd ELRC Conference Agenda and presentations


27-29 April 2015 Riga, Latvia Riga Summit Agenda and presentations