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David Hübner

David Hübner

Dr. David Hübner is the lead machine learning engineer at Averbis. He has almost ten years of experience in applying machine learning models in the healthcare field. At Averbis, he is responsible for developing new machine learning models that deliver high-quality results and at the same time, are fast enough to run on-premise to be compliant with data protection regulations.

Averbis’ mission is to help revolutionise the healthcare industry with text mining and artificial intelligence. On the short term, they aim to help reduce wasteful expenditure by providing text mining and analytics tools that:

  1. minimise data-handling errors;
  2. optimise and automate processes; and
  3. increase care quality and cost-effectiveness.

And, in the long run they aim at being a key actor of the EU’s Digital Single Market in healthcare and enable the secondary usage of data, for example by: health authorities, clinical research institutions and insurance companies.