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European Language Data Space

What are the differences between LDS and ALT-EDIC?

Despite some similarities, the LDS and ALT-EDIC also exhibit differences, which are summarised in the table below.


Language Data Space (LDS)

Alliance for Language Technologies European Digital Infrastructure Consortium (ALT-EDIC)

Main reference framework

DIGITAL Work Programme

Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030

Implementation via

Procurement (Call for Tenders & Newsroom)

Establishment of a legal entity

Procedure behind Initiative and Relative Timeline

  • Launch of a Call for Tenders (July 2022);
  • Evaluation and selection of a winning consortium for deployment given the offers received (September/October 2022);
  • Signature of the LDS contract (December 2022).
  • Beginning of the LDS (January 2023).
  • Launch of an informal Call for Expressions of Interest in Member States (December 2022);
  • Collection of Member States’ proposals on possible EDICs (February 2023);
  • ALT-EDIC pre-notification to the Commission (May 2023);
  • ALT-EDIC formal application to the Commission (expected: November 2023);
  • Creation of the ALT-EDIC legal entity (expected: first quarter 2024).  


European Commission-led initiative

Member States-led initiative

Management and Execution

European Commission and LDS consortium

French Ministries of Culture and Economy


19 January 2023

First quarter of 2024 (expected)


Three years – until January 2026.

  • Possible contract renewal for another year.

No set end for this initiative. 


6 Mio EUR for three years from the DIGITAL Work Programme 2021-2022.

In-kind and/or financial contributions from participating Member States.


On providing a market place of multilingual and multimodal language data.

On establishing an European ecosystem for Language Technologies.

Member States’ Participation

CELT: Member State and Countries Affiliated to the DIGITAL programme.

Member States and EEA countries.

Private Sector’s Participation

CELT+: European stakeholders from relevant industrial sectors, managing and handling language data.

An ‘Industrial Consortium’ will contribute to the strategy of the ALT-EDIC by participating in its Strategic Orientation Committee.