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European Language Data Space

What are the differences between LDS and ALT-EDIC?

Despite some similarities, the LDS and ALT-EDIC also exhibit differences, which are summarised in the table below.


Language Data Space (LDS)

Alliance for Language Technologies European Digital Infrastructure Consortium (ALT-EDIC)

Main reference framework

DIGITAL Work Programme

Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030

Implementation via

Procurement (Call for Tenders & Newsroom)

Establishment of a legal entity

Procedure behind Initiative and Relative Timeline

  • Launch of a Call for Tenders (July 2022);
  • Evaluation and selection of a winning consortium for deployment given the offers received (September/October 2022);
  • Signature of the LDS contract (December 2022).
  • Beginning of the LDS (January 2023).
  • Launch of an informal Call for Expressions of Interest in Member States (December 2022);
  • Collection of Member States’ proposals on possible EDICs (February 2023);
  • ALT-EDIC pre-notification to the Commission (May 2023);
  • ALT-EDIC formal application to the Commission (expected: November 2023);
  • Creation of the ALT-EDIC legal entity (December 2023).


European Commission

French Ministries of Culture and Economy


European Commission

Member States through its Assembly of Members


19 January 2023

First quarter of 2024 (expected)


Three years – until January 2026 (Possible contract renewal for another year).

No set end for this initiative. 


6 Mio EUR for three years from the DIGITAL Work Programme 2021-2022.

Financial and in-kind contributions from participating Member States.


On providing a market place of multilingual and multimodal language data.

On establishing an European ecosystem for Language Technologies.

Member States’ Participation

CELT: Member State and Countries Affiliated to the DIGITAL programme.

Member States and EEA countries.

Private Sector’s Participation

CELT+: European stakeholders from relevant industrial sectors, managing and handling language data.

An ‘Industrial Consortium’ will contribute to the strategy of the ALT-EDIC by participating in its Strategic Orientation Committee.